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North America

Conley Search Group has extensive experience across North America with five offices spread throughout the country.  Cultures and business practices vary significantly from country to country, and our partners have the personal and professional international experience to translate those differences.  Kevin Conley is a dual US/Irish citizen and spent four years in London as an executive recruiter, Cindy Kohlbry spent five years in London as a banker with an English Merchant Bank, and Roddy Gow is Scottish.

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Canongate Partners is our partner firm in the United Kingdom.  Canongate is a unique consulting firm that mobilizes leading resources available to meet the business, financial, and talent management needs of any company or individual interested in Europe, UK (Brexit), Asia, and America.

Any company entering overseas markets faces a unique set of challenges from identifying trusted partners, finding the right professional support to getting the right talent onboard.  Only too often the most significant obstacles arise when a British company enters another English speaking country, supposing that there will be a great deal in common when that is frequently not the case.